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Check IMEI Number iPhone – iPod – iPad Free

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Check IMEI Number for iPhone  4S, 4, 3GS, 3G – iPod Touch 2G, 3G, 4G – iPad 3, 2, 1  ? You can Get All Info with IMEI Number like Carrier Name, Color, Firmware, Locked or Unlock, Model, Capacity, Warranty .. etc
For example When you decided to buy a second hand iPhone so how to know the iPhone carrier of this iPhone (Locked or Unlocked ) below we will show a simple steps will help you to know your iPhone carrier

How To Check Your iPhone Carrier

How To Know your iPhone Carrier ?

Step 1: Download iPhone Carriers checker from Download IMEI Checker
How To Check Your iPhone Carrier
Step 2: Extract the downloaded file (iPhone Carrier Checker) by right clicking on it and select “Extract All”
How To Check Your iPhone Carrier
Step 3: “Open” iPhone Carrier Checker you will be informed by the screen below then Connect your iPhone to your PC using USB cable.
How To Check Your iPhone Carrier
Step 4: Now you have to get your IMEI Number form your iPhone go to Settings –> General –> About –> IMEI
How to check your Iphone Carrier
Step 5 : Put your IMEI number on the IMEI bar then click “Get Info” iPhone Carrier Checker will show your carrier ………….. Enjoy
How To Check Your iPhone Carrier

What can i know with any IMEI Number iPhone – iPod – iPad:

  • Model : Ex. iPhone – iPod – iPad
  • Capacity : 8 GB – 16 GB – 32 GB – 64 GB
  • Color  : White – Black
  • Firmware Version : iOS 4.x – iOS 5.x
  • Country Code :
  • Serial Number :
  • MAC Address :
  • ICCID :
  • Purchased date :
  • Purchase Country :
  • Warranty Status :
  • Warranty End :
  • Activated :
  • Registered :
  • Carrier
  • SimLock : Locked or Unlocked

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